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It’s so hard to juggle school, work, and life at the same time, ya feel me?? According to me, isssht is hard and when I say hard I mean really hard. Especially if you are an online student. You never have time to read or even have a buddy to consult with, and you don’t have simplified notes. Shit is hard out here (I can’t stress this enough, don’t try this. My opinion!!).
I recently did my final exams, and I knew nothing except the first statement written, ‘Answer question One and any other four questions‘. Hahaha, this is where I started to die a little inside and it got worse when I read the first question and worst thing was each question was thirty, freaking marks. This one sealed the Kenyan saying that ‘Kama nilikua ni fail, nitafail tu‘ (If I was to fail, I’ll just fail).
I’m not one to give up easily, I took my pen and wrote what I knew best. I left the exam room and went home straight and decided to treat myself to an exquisite meal that a lady like me, harassed by exams, deserved.
In the kitchen, I found potatoes that had stayed for over a week and frozen chicken that had overstayed, as well, in the freezer. I also happen to find bacon and decided to do a wrap on the chicken just to see how good or how my taste buds would explode. I had already pictured myself eating this dish and my oh my, it was the best decision ever made. I made a hell of a meal and it made me feel, I was in some top restaurant on these streets of Nairobi. The eating was the proverbial tiramisu toppings on a cake.

1. Two handfuls of potatoes.
2. An Onion.
3. A handful of grated cheese.
4. Half a cup of milk.
5. A tablespoon of salt.
6. A spoonful of garlic.
7. Two pieces of chicken breast.
8. Four strips of bacon.
9. 6pcs of toothpicks.
10. Four tablespoons of desperado beer.
11. Four pinches of tandoori chicken spice.
12. Two tablespoons of melted coconut oil.
13. Two spoons of mayonnaise.
14. Two pinches of black pepper.
15. A pinch of sugar.

First, peel your potatoes, wash and place them in a hot water sufuria bath for around 10 to 20 minutes. As the potatoes are getting ready, marinated the chicken. Place the chicken in a separate bowl and pour in the beer and a pinch of salt for a minute or two. Remove the chicken, and rub the tandoori spice and salt on it. On a grill pan, place one spoon of coconut oil and let it be hot. After a minute or so, depending on the level of heat place the chicken breast on the pan and let it grill, turn each side after every two minutes then place aside and let it cool.Pre-heat the oven and set it at 225 degrees. One piece of chicken should be wrapped with two strips of bacon. After wrapping the chicken, use 3 toothpicks on each chicken wrap so as to keep it together as you bake. On a baking tin place the wrapped chicken and place in the oven and bake for 10 minutes maximum, remember to set a timer.

Back to the potatoes, cut the onions and fry them till golden brown, then place the garlic and salt to saute the onions. Place the over cooked potatoes and smash. Pour in the cup of milk and continue kneading the mashed potatoes while adding the grated cheese. The purpose of the cheese and mil is to make the mashed, fluffy and smooth as possible. After some time, reduce the heat to minimum and let it harden ‘kidogo’ for 2 minutes as mashed potatoes tend to burn quick.

For the dressing, mix the mayonnaise, sugar, and salt pepper in a small bowl and whip it, till soft and smooth. Garnish the food and make it look classy like the queen or King you are.
This is serving for two.


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