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Sidai Oleng are masaai words meaning ‘vizuri sana’ (something Good)Well this post is something good.

wassup, wassup 👋👋!! ” cliché greetings,I know but even the word is a cliché, right???

Anyway, today’s post isn’t going to be a hilarious one but about my passion, something that actually started when I joined school. My passion is making my own jewelry or lets say accessories. My accessories are mostly inspired by the Masaai culture.

Every piece that I have made or been gifted has a meaning attached to it.

My passion started back when I was a freshman at Daystar. I met this guy by the name Leparan (hey Leparan) he is masaai, a staunch one if I may say 🙌🙌.

                           Ladies and gents Leparan. Photo credit to Leparan himself 😋

He is the one who introduced me to his culture, the masaai culture, every chance he got he brought me a ‘Shanga’ or ornaments plus the masaai ‘shukas’and also taught me what every shanga meant. The colors used by the masaai to make their beautiful jewelry are just what makes it all interesting and just very very very very beautiful (my opinion).

                                                                                       Photo Credits to Self

I can now proudly say, I can make my own jewelry. If you know or knew me I never miss a masaai bead work either on my hand or neck, or even both. FYI: You can never go wrong with these types of jewelry, they always make a statement even in a simple outfit.

I learnt making the jewelry when I was at work, where lots and lots of Masaai’s reside. I was particularly interested in one Masaai necklace, my work mate had made. I asked to show me and she did, and still she does (still in class). This my people is how my passion grew 🙈🙈.

                                                                             Photo Credits to Ronald Mathews

It definitely has its perks but if you love what you doing, you’d definitely enjoy doing it even though it has a negative side to it.

Photo Credits to Ronald Mathews

                                                                                     Photo Courtesy of Self

Learning new things is exciting, now I don’t have to buy the jewelry at an expensive price because now I can make my own jewelry and also shape into any way I want it to be.

Learning embroidery has definitely changed alot of perspective. I can now make a living out a passion and talent I didn’t know I had.

Learning something new everyday or investing in your talent and passion can build you or take you places.

A close friend would say my people Jijenge 😘 .

                                                                                      Photo Courtesy of Self

The pieces displayed, if interested email me at [email protected] or inbox me on Facebook (Pauline Selima). The pieces are at affordable pricing.

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