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This is a phrase I got from my bestie’s sweat shirt. Every time we read it we just start laughing because where our minds go, is just to those first time kisses. I know you also thought about it 😁😁😁😁😁… LoL!!

My first time experience is when I met food, I remember it because food is Bae 😍, food will never betray you and of course food could die for you, just look at chicken.CHICKEN LITERALLY DIES FOR YOU!! I’m not one to brag but I got a knickknack for good food, not even good but great food.

The only time food did me bad, was when I was at a restaurant and this good-looking guy came and sat at a table across from me. I was having ugali, nyam chom and kachumbari. I was diving in Kenyan style, whereby we eat with our hands . I was so excited because he was also smiling at me and here I forgot my number one loyal fan, FOOD. I had this itch in my eye so I decided to rub it and I had forgotten that the hand I used to rub my eye was the one I had mixed it with the kachumbari. A few seconds later, my eye felt like it was on fire, my blessing,my bestie arrived and she helped me wash my eye just to look up I saw the cute guy laughing at me till he was tearing up, this when I came to realization that food is bae.

                                                                       White rice x meat balls

The first time I encountered food, not really encounter but the first time I looked at food as an art and as a blessing was when my mother passed on and I was left responsible to cook for my siblings and my father. I had to learn to make different types of dishes so as to fill in the void that was left by her. I basically taught myself to cook through the internet. When they say, ‘google is your best friend‘, this term I took it quite literally. I would go to bed late just looking up dishes and wake up the next day, go to the shops and I bought what I needed. And this is how I came to love food and not see it as a dish but see it for an indescribable work of art.

The time and dedication one uses in making a perfect dish should always involve patience. Food isn’t just about cooking it, it’s also in the way you present it and how you garnish it. I’m still schooling on how to garnish and present food. We say, ‘First time Impressions Matter,’ well this also matters in food.

                                                                          Eggs x sweet potato bread x sausages.

All pictured food was made by me😍😍

‘If music be the food of love, play on!’

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